Architectural Designers, are you ready to supercharge your career?


Learn all you need to know to feel confident and excel as an architectural designer.

Hosted by

Daphne Romani

With this customizable & evergreen training, you will...

  • Gain the skills that will make you more valued in any workplace.
  • Become a more independent designer who is an asset to your team.
  • Reduce your dependence on seniors- specifically project & middle managers.
  • Improve your confidence and autonomy in tackling tasks.
  • Gain 7 core skills within 8 weeks that will serve you throughout your career.
  • Improve your communication and effectiveness on projects through these core skills.
  • Prepare yourself for more project management responsibilities.

Start mastering the skills that will help you stand out above the crowd.

How would you like to be prepared for the day when your firm will assign you tasks beyond your skill level (without giving you proper training)..?

Often times, when this happens, the likelihood of making mistakes (and having to fix them) is quite HIGH.

This type of situation may cast you in a bad light with management, perhaps thinking you are unreliable and making you feel unappreciated and OVERWHELMED.

Don’t throw in the towel just yet!

And don’t just be at the mercy of the circumstances.

It’s time to arm yourself with the tools to get ahead and become pro-active in shaping your architectural career.

Take learning into your own hands, with a trusted mentor and instructor with +25 years experience in the field.

Learning how to become a successful architect can be difficult, so don’t go into it alone.

Save yourself YEARS of trial and error!

Learn how to play the game from the get-go.

Are you ready to gain the skills and insights that will make you more valued at any workplace?

Are you ready to gain the respect and acknowledgment you are striving for, to increase the odds of earning an early promotion and fuel your career growth?

Then you need IGNITE


With IGNITE you will:


Dive deep into project phasing, scheduling and deliverables.


Learn how to coordinate all of the disciplines with the architectural design


Acquire the foundational reading key to decipher the Building Code.


Get guidance on how to read and understand civil, structural and MEP drawings


Learn how to coordinate all of the disciplines with the architectural design


Live guidance with a mentor to help you get the most out of the materials!

If you’ve been wanting to feel more confident and competent at work, you probably have so many questions as to where to start

You will find the practical knowledge and wisdom you need with Ignite. 

One-on-one time with your mentor Daphne will ensure you are integrating the skills you learn from the lectures. 

Enroll now to benefit from an experienced architect. Invest in the future of your career.

Meet Your Instructor

Hi, my name is Daphne Romani and I am a licensed architect with over 25 years of experience.

The bulk of my professional background covered custom residential design in the Santa Barbara area and later on expanded into commercial and multi-family design.

I currently reside in Idaho where I practice and, most recently, I have shifted my focus on early-career training, closing the gap between Architectural school and practice.

Having navigated the field and having risen through the ranks myself, I know first hand how challenging the path can be.

It is my desire to help others smooth their path ahead and provide support to those that are seeking help and mentorship.

I have identified 7 areas that Architectural Interns and Designers can focus on to ensure career success.

Course Syllabus

LIVE Intro - Leverage what is "Within your Control" w/ Q&A

This lecture will provide the basic overview of Architectural practice, career paths and what to expect at its inception.

At the end of this lecture participant will know where it is best to focus growth efforts toward.

They will know what is within their control and how to leverage it to forge a successful career.

LIVE Lecture 1 - Project Phasing w/ Q&A

At the end of this Lecture, you will:

  • Become familiar with the overall Project Life-Cycle.
  • Be able to identify the percentages of phases as they relate to budget & schedule.
  • Have a basic idea of what is expected at each deadline, depending on the phase.
  • Know how to obtain clarifying information from your team leaders.

LIVE Lecture 2 - Design to Drawings w/ Q&A

At the end of this Lecture, you will:

  • Be familiar with the different graphic requirements between project phases.
  • Know how to layer the work from phase to phase.
  • Learn handy geometric and drafting tricks to circumvent buggy software.
  • Know how to successfully set up Revit (BIM) models from the early stages.
  • Know what is essential to have in successful, high quality production drawings, through each phase.

LIVE Lecture 3 - Basics of Code Analysis w/ Q&A

    At the end of this Lecture, you will:

    • Know how to find out what codes have been adopted in your jurisdiction.
    • Know where to find the information you need to evaluate your design and project.
    • Know how to find anything in the code.
    • Know how to apply the codes to your circumstances.
    • Know how to document all the findings for your record and how to apply to construction documents.

    LIVE Lectures 4 - Consultant’s Civil & Structural drawings w/ Q&A

    At the end of this lecture, you will:

    • Know what Civil and Structural plans are all about.
    • Know how to read the plans from each of the two disciplines.
    • Know how to find the information you need to assist in the overall coordination of all disciplines.
    • Know what information is critical in the coordination efforts.

    LIVE Lectures 5 - Consultant’s MEP drawings w/ Q&A

    At the end of this lecture, you will:

    • Know what Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing plans are all about.
    • Know how to read the plans from each of the disciplines.
    • Know how to find the information you need to assist in the overall coordination of all disciplines.
    • Know what information is critical in your coordination efforts.

    LIVE Lecture 6 - Project Success w/ Q&A

    At the end of this lecture, you will:

    • Know how to identify whether a project was set-up for success.
    • Know what a solid framework looks like.
    • Know what terms have been set for any given project.
    • Know how to embrace the quality control process throughout the project.
    • Know how to adapt within the framework.

    LIVE BONUS Lecture 7 - Zoning Research & Permitting w/ Q&A

    At the end of this lecture, you will know how to look up zoning regulations anywhere in the U.S. and how to draft up a zoning summary report.


    You’ll discover how to...

    Create high quality designs from the early concepts through the construction drawings.

    Catch code oversights and comply with code requirements.

    Take more ownership and initiative by understanding the full project lifecycle.

    Effectively contribute to the success of a project.

    What We Offer

    Expert-led learning

    Live course / Mentoring

    7 LIVE Lectures w/Q&A

    1 bonus lecture w/ Q&A

    4 x 30-minute private mentoring sessions

    Access to session recordings

    Self-paced learning

    Prerecorded course

    7 recorded lectures

    1 bonus recorded lecture

    1 bonus recorded lecture

    Access to me for individual support

    Sign up for the live or self-paced training and if, for any reason, you don’t like it in the first 2 weeks of joining, send me an email and we’ll refund you immediately.

    For questions about anything, including payment plan options and customization inquiries.

    Select a method of communication that you are most comfortable with…

    This course is designed to be...


    My program blends knowledge and skill-sharing with personal mentoring and feedback.


    Unlike most training out there, my program focuses on core skills of the practice that do not change overnight.


    My program is flexible enough to be tailored to meet your exact needs and your busy work schedule.

    She works with you step‐by‐step through a process giving both the questions and answers to ponder for a more thorough understanding of architecture as well as inspiring you to have the desire to get it done right.

    Evelyn W.

    Job Captain

    “Her motivation is to mentor so that we can be successful in our field when we first graduate from school and have very little professional experience. I appreciate that there is no judgement, and an open mindedness that there are many ways to solve problems.”

    Nick O.


    You might be asking yourself…

    Is this for me?

    This course is for you if you are an Architectural Intern or Designer:

    • WHO wants to reduce their reliance on seniors to fulfill their tasks successfully by mastering key skills.
    • WHO wants to deepen their understanding of and gain more clarity around the overall practice.
    • WHO wants to gain direct access to knowledge and skills not easily or ever gained on the job.
    • WHO wants to master foundational skills useful ahead of taking on project managers roles and beyond.
    • WHO has been have been assigned tasks and responsibilities well above their knowledge level and experience.

    Is this really going to help me?

    Like anything in life, how you will absorb and implement the information shared in this course is entirely in your hands.

    This course will help if you take the time to assimilate and apply the information provided in your daily work.

    Also note that the information I share is not easy to come by on the job.

    Isn't it too expensive?

    It is a one-time investment in skills that will serve you for a long time.

    The program focuses on foundational skills of the practice that do not change overnight unlike courses focused on constantly changing tools.

    When does the next cohort launch?

    My aim is to launch a new cohort on the 1st and 3rd week of every month.

    Will this course help me pass the licensing exam?

    The training will help you navigate the challenges experienced at work and provide you information that will serve you before and after getting licensed.

    Much of the knowledge will also help support the examination efforts but that is not the main goal.

    Is the program customizable? I already know most of it, except maybe for one or two subjects.

    For best outcome, the content of the course is designed to build on each preceding lecture.

    However, each lecture can be purchased individually, depending on individual’s need.

    Use one of the communication method mentioned above or simply send me an email to and we’ll take it from there.

    I already invested in myself by going to college and undertaking all that debt. That should be enough investment, no?

    If you have been working in an office already, you may have noticed that the college degree may not have provided all of the ingredients required to succeed in the field of architecture.

    This course provides those last few ingredients needed for you to excel in your career.

    Will I have time for this?

    The course is designed to fit within busy schedules, with live lectures and Q&A sessions scheduled for “after-hours” in most of the U.S. states.

    Conveniently offering replays or pre-recording sessions if live schedule is not convenient.

    Additionally flexible 1:1 mentoring sessions can be scheduled according to the individual’s needs.

    Save yourself years of experimenting on your own and on the job.

    Leverage the benefits of knowledge transfer and mentorship.